Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD

Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD Picture

The name Elite has been associated with the industry’s standard for television picture over the last decade. With the Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD, Sharp introduces their largest and most breathtaking television ever. The Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD stands in a class by itself. Its image detail, color accuracy, and black levels are outstanding, and its 3D imagery is the best available at the moment. In PC Magazine, it was named their Editors’ choice for high-end HDTVs.

Key Information

A 1.25 inch-black brushed aluminum bezel frames the Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD’s glossy panel. Below the bottom bezel is a strip that contains a 3D emitter, a power LED, an Optical Picture Control sensor, and a remote sensor. All of the ports are located on the back panel. 5 HDMI inputs, a USB port, and an audio output face the left and are vertically mounted for easy access. Surface mounted ports are comprised of one set of component A/V inputs, two sets of composite A/V inputs, a PAC audio input and RS-232 and VGA ports. The Power, Menu, Volume, Input Select, and Channel buttons are positioned along the lower edge of the left bezel. The 9.25 inch remote contains 59 buttons, an Enter key, and a four-way rocker. The remote also has a Netflix button, a 3D button that toggle between 2D and 3D, an App button that opens the Web services menu, and three Favorite App buttons. The Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD offers a wired Ethernet and 802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity to go with a nice catalog of Web apps, including Pandora, Twitter, and Facebook. Movie services include CinemaNow, Netflix, YouTube, Skype, and Blockbuster. The Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD will convert 2D content to a faux 3D and also offers real 3D. It comes with two pairs of rechargeable 3D glasses. It is very expensive. Used ones can be found on Amazon starting at $3900. A new one can be purchased online from eBay for $3899.99. This is a terrific deal, as Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD can sell for as much as $5000 in-store.

Tech Specs

The Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD is a LED-LCD 60-inch screen HDTV. The screen has LED Backlight technology. It has a Native resolution of 1920×1080, and comes with Fluid Motion Technology 240 Hz Motion Enhancement Technology. With the stand, it weighs 71.6 pounds and has the following dimensions: 55.1 inches x 13.1 inches x 34.8 inches. It comes with 2 Built-in 15.0 Watt Subwoofers and 1 Built-in 15.0 Watt speaker in the right and left channels. It supports 480p, 1080i, 720p, and 1080p DTV resolutions.


  • The Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD delivers image quality that simply beats the competition – it is the best available; the black levels and display contrast specifically are outstanding
  • It has extremely attractive styling and offers a very high-quality 3D experience
  • The 5 HDMI ports allow for many devices to be connected at once
  • It offers a very solid catalogue of Web applications
  • Very big remote with buttons dedicated to Netflix and Web apps
  • Converts 2D content to a faux 3D and comes with two pairs of 3D glasses
  • Offers a two-year parts and labor warranty as well as enhanced support services


  • The Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD is very expensive, and for cash-tight buyers it might not be the best option; it runs up to $5000 in-store, and over $3500 online
  • Some users have complained about the blue to green color balance
  • The off-axis performance and uniformity are not quite as good as plasma HDTVs
  • Narrower-than-typical viewing angles
  • It converts 2D content to a faux 3D, which is a nice feature, but compared to traditional 3D content it leaves something to be desired