Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone created by Samsung Electronics, and the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S III. It was released on April 26th, 2013 on 327 networks and in 155 countries. In the two weeks after its announcement, it reached 10 million pre-orders. Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multi-national electronics company and since 2009 has been the world’s biggest information technology company. It was previously known as a manufacturer of components for Sony and Apple, but it has expanded in consumer markets and the mobile phone market.

Key Information

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 has many features that distinguish it from its competitors. The Smart Scroll feature allows users to scroll while looking at the screen by tilting the phone. The Smart Pause feature allows the video player to pause videos on its own if the user is not looking at the screen. The Group Play feature allows for music streaming, file sharing, and multiplayer games between Galaxy S4 phones. Perhaps the biggest improvement is in the camera app. It features an updated interface and new modes such as “Eraser”, “Drama”, “Dual Shot”, and “Sound and Shot”, all offering different elements and techniques. The Samsung KNOX feature allows users to separate their phone into personal and business modes, and offers high security for the business mode. The Galaxy S4 also offers a translator app that helps users translate bodies of text, foreign language voices, and signs in 12 different languages. Users can type in text or speak into the microphone and have it immediately spoken aloud back to them or translated in text. The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 costs about $700.00. AT&T cuts about $450.00 off the price but forces you to sign a contract (generally 2 years), which may prevent you from upgrading once new models are released.

Tech Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in two colors: Black Mist and White Frost. It has the following dimensions: 5.38 by 2.75 by 0.31 inches. It weights 4.59 ounces. It comes in 3 sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. It also has 2 GB RAM. It has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch capability. Near field communication connectivity is built into the 2600mAh battery. This allows users to make non-touch payments at businesses that use specifically equipped NFC cash registers. The battery can be charged wirelessly with a special charging pad that transfers electricity through a magnetic field.



  • Removable battery – this allows users to manually power the phone down if it freezes, enables a 3rd party extended battery to be attached, and facilitates accessories like the Galaxy S4 flip cover
  • Repairability – unlike the HTC One, which iFixit gave the lowest repairability score possible, the Galaxy S4 is very easy to repair if necessary
  • MicroSD slot – the Galaxy S4 has a microSD slot which allows users to expand the storage on their phone by 64 GB
  • MHL 2.0 – using MHL 2.0 eliminates the need for an external power source to power the MHL adaptor
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Offers a newer version of Android



  • Price – it is the most expensive Android handset out there, as the unlocked S4 comes in at around $700
  • It has a small internal storage of 16 GB
  • The S4 isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the HTC One and looks similar to the S3; the plastic design feels cheaper than the aluminum design of the HTC One
  • The sound could be improved; while it is good, it isn’t as strong as the HTC One for recording and music playback (the HTC One offers a dual membrane in the microphone and dual front facing speakers)