PlayStation Vita


The PlayStation Vita (usually shortened to PS Vita) is a handheld gaming console designed and manufactured by Sony. It is a member of the PlayStation brand of gaming consoles and is the successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It was released in North America on February 22, 2012. It competes primarily with the Nintendo 3DS, and as of June 2012 has sold 2.2 million units.

Key Information

The PS Vita uses a touchscreen based UI called LiveArea, which includes various social networking features via the PlayStation Network. The online system, which can be connected over WiFi or 3G, provides real time scores, cross game text messaging, and game ranking newsfeeds. It allows users to game at the speed of a mobile phone. The PS Vita offers motion sensor technology which allows players to actively engage in the game through certain motions, such as touching, steering, and tilting. The multi-touch display offers a new way for layers to complete actions and challenges, while the multi-touch pad provides greater hand control. All of this is experienced on a brilliant OLED screen. The PS Vita also has GPS, which permits users to locate, connect and play with friends via the GPS and other social networking apps. Perhaps the best feature on the PS Vita is the Cross platform play. Cross platform play allows users to begin playing a game on the PS3 console, save their progress, and then continue playing on the PS Vita. Cross platform play also allows PS Vita players to join multi-player games and play against players on both PS Vita and PS3 consoles. The PS Vita comes with dual analog sticks which provide a fully immersive first person shooter experience. The PS Vita with 3G and Wi-Fi capability can be bought from Amazon. Best Buy offers the PS Vita for $299.99 in a bundle that includes a one year subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Tech Specs

The PS Vita has an ARM Cortex A9 core CPU processor with a GPU of SGX543MP4+. It is 7.2 inches wide, 3.3 inches tall, and 0.7 inches thick. The screen is an OLED 16:9 display and has a resolution of 960×544. It is 5 inches diagonally and offers a capacitive multi-touch screen with approximately 16 million colors. It has a main memory of 512 MB with 128 MB VRAM. The QVGA camera has a frame rate of 120fps at 320×240, while the VGA camera has a frame rate of 60fps at 640×480. It has a six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope), and comes with a non-removable built-in Lit


  • The PS Vita has very powerful graphics; the OLED touch screen is absolutely gorgeous with bright and extremely sharp colors
  • It eclipses the PlayStation 2 in terms of power, and comes close to matching the capabilities of the PS3
  • The dual analog sticks provide a unique gaming experience, particularly for first person shooter games
  • Cross platform play is a very cool feature – it allows players to save in-game progress on their PS3 and continue playing it on the PS Vita, and also allows PS Vita players to game online with PS3 players


  • The PS Vita has a short battery life, as it lasts only about 5-6 hours; this is even more of a problem because the battery is not removable; thus, PS Vita players must constantly charge their device
  • The PS Vita has a “clunky” media manager
  • The PS Vita has a front-facing camera but for some reason Skype is not available
  • If a game is running, players are unable to use the Web browser without first closing the game; it would be much more convenient to be able to pause the game and then scroll between applications