Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro

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Microsoft Surface is a series of tablets developed and marketed by Microsoft. The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro is one version of the tablet (the other being Microsoft Surface Windows RT). The Windows 8 Pro is a hybrid of a tablet and ultrabook, and uses an Intel CPU that allows the installation of apps and traditional third-party desktop programs. It was released in the United States on February 9, 2013. It received mixed reviews from industry critics, and by the end of the first quarter of 2013 was way behind Apple’s iPad in sales (700 000 units compared to Apple’s 19.1 million units).

Key Information

The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro functions as a multi-touch input device. It comes with a digital pen and technology that allows the pen to be contacted with up to 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. The display produces a weak electromagnetic field which creates a current in the passive pen to achieve highly precise pen inputs. The pen is probably the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro’s most important feature. It can be used to write memos or send emails. The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro can connect to projectors, displays or big screens through its mini DisplayPort. This High Definition connection lets video, presentations and documents take center stage, making it excellent for business use. It comes with Full HD display with 1080p resolution which makes photos and movies leap from the screen in sharp contrast and bold colour. A new Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro can be purchased on Amazon, while used ones begin at $900.00. It can be found at Best Buy for $999.99, and can be purchased online for the same price with free shipping.

Tech Specs

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro runs Windows 8 OS and uses the apps in the Windows App Store. It is 10.81 inches wide, 6.81 inches deep and 0.53 inches tall. It weighs approximately 2 pounds. It has VaporMg casing and comes in Dark Titanium colour. It has either 64 GB or 128 GB of storage depending on the version. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, and comes in 16:9 widescreen. It is 10-point multi-touch. Ports include the full size USB 3.0, microSDXC card slot, Cover port and Headset jack. It has 4 GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000 for its Graphics Processor.


  • Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro offers ultrabook performance in a chassis only slightly thicker than the Surface RT model
  • It is a hybrid device designed to combine your ultrabook with your tablet
  • It offers the performance of a high-end ultrabook but in tablet form, making it easier to travel with and take with you to work
  • It has a better display than the previous model, and while it is behind the iPad and Nexus in terms of screen resolution, it is not significantly noticeable
  • It offers solid connectivity options
  • The pen is very functional and helps with writing emails and memos
  • Allows you to run Windows apps and any software that has been installed on any other Windows device


  • The Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro gets very hot and is much heavier to carry around than a tablet
  • It has a reflective screen which makes it difficult to use outside
  • The battery life is decent, but compares poorly in comparison with other hybrid ultrabook/tablets such as the Yoga 13 and the W700; the battery life is way behind the iPad and Nexus tablets
  • The Pen is a cool feature but can be laggy and feels plastic and flimsy, and is not all that functional
  • The keyboard is a nice feature but the keys are small – it is still much easier to type documents or emails on a laptop