Google Nexus 4


The Google Nexus 4 smartphone is the 4th generation of the Nexus-branded Android smartphone. It was manufactured and designed by LG Electronics. The new Android 4.2 operating system (called “Jelly Bean”) was launched with the release of the phone. The phone was officially released on November 13, 2012. Google is a leading company in the development of the Android mobile operating system.


Key Information

The Google Nexus 4 comes with the newest Google apps, which instantly puts the best that Google has to offer in the palms of your hands. It offers the newest version of Google Now, which provides many services, such as showing you how much traffic to expect before you leave, when your next train or bus will arrive, and reminders about flights, hotel confirmations, and restaurant reservations. The Nexus 4 also has Voice Search capability, which allows you to speak into the phone and receive vocal answers. It also offers Gesture Typing, which anticipates and predicts the next word based on your previous gestures. This helps speed up the process of writing texts and emails. The camera allows for video to be shot in full 1080p HD. The phone also comes with the newest version of Android, and is updated directly from Google, allowing you access to the most-up-to-date applications and software. Google Play has over 700 000 games and apps for you to choose from. An unlocked Google Nexus 4 can be purchased online ( for about $400, which is significantly cheaper than the unlocked iPhone 5 or BlackBerry 10. Virgin Mobile ( offers 3 plan types for the Google Nexus 4: the Platinum Plan which takes off $500 from the retail price; the Gold Plan which takes off $300; and the Silver Plan which takes off $150.


Tech Specs

The Google Nexus 4 has the following dimensions: 133.9 mm by 68.7 mm by 9.1 mm, and weights 139 grams. It is 4.7 inches diagonally. It has 1280 by 768 pixel resolution, and 8GB or 16GB of internal space. It comes with the newest version of Android (4.2, called “Jelly Bean”). It has an 8 MP main camera and a1.3 MP front camera. It also offers Bluetooth and wireless charging. Other features include GPS, Barometer, Microphone, Compass and Gyroscope. The battery is non-removable and offers up to 390 hours of stand-by time and 15 hours of talk time.



  • The unlocked Google Nexus 4 can be found online for less than $300 for the 8 GB model and less than $400 for the 16 GB model, which is much cheaper than the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry 10, and means you do not have to get tied into a contract with Virgin Mobile or AT&T
  • The design of the Nexus 4 is very appealing, and it is one of the first devices to work using the latest Android operating system
  • It has an incredibly fast Snapdragon S4 Quad Core Processor
  • It is the first phone with photosphere capability, meaning it can use Google street view
  • It will work on almost any network in the entire world



  • It does not have a usable LTE radio
  • There have been some complaints by customers about a constant “buzzing” in the earpiece
  • The battery runs out quicker than other smartphones, and it is not replaceable
  • The glass backing breaks easily
  • No expansion SD slot
  • While it works on almost any network in the world, it is not on the 4G LTE network, which makes streaming videos and downloading movies slower
  • Small internal memory – it is meant for cloud storage; unfortunately, people need more storage on their smartphone because apps and games are continuing to get larger in size – 16 GB just doesn’t cut it