ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013


The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 is part of the ECTACO jetBook series of e-book readers designed and manufactured by Ectaco, a US-based developer of software and hardware products for electronic translation and speech recognition that also creates e-books. The original device was announced in the United States in October 2008. Since then, new models have been released, including the ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013.

Key Information

The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 comes pre-loaded with the top 100 favourite classic e-books. It is very light weight and is perfect for taking on an airplane or bus. The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 offers content in many different languages, including Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. It also has an English to English dictionary which allows users to look up definitions of words on the spot. The font type and size is adjustable, allowing users to customize their e-books. The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 provides screen rotation support for both landscape and portrait modes. It comes pre-loaded with Fodor’s Travel Guide and CIA World Factbook. One of the most unique features of the ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 is the fact that it runs on 4 AA batteries as opposed to an internal battery like all other e-book readers. There is a mini USB port on the device that can be used to hook it up to a laptop, allowing users to copy e-books and pictures. The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 has a D-PAD that users use to scroll up and down in the menus, and there are buttons devoted to turning the page. A used device can be purchased from Amazon. It can also be purchased from the manufacturer.

Tech Specs

The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 has the following dimensions: 6 inches x 4.2 inches x 0.4 inches. With the 4 AA batteries, it weighs 8.8 ounces. It has a slot for a microSD card that allows up to 32 GB of additional storage. It has a 5 inch, reflective LCD display with 16 level greyscale. It does not have backlight capability. The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 supports TXT, PDF, FB2, ePUB, MOBI/PRC, RTF, and HTML e-book formats. It has a screen resolution of 630×480. It also comes with a 1 year labor and parts warranty.


  • The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 is easy to read in a bright room, and users can select what font type and size they want
  • It is slim and lightweight, making it very easy to take on an airplane, train or bus
  • Ectaco provides excellent customer service
  • It has a fast turn-on time to go with fast page turns
  • It supports multiple languages, and compared to other e-book readers is fairly cheap


  • It is difficult to read in a dark room, making it almost useless at night
  • It has very poor book storage, which is another huge drawback
  • It runs on 4 AA batteries; while this helps lower the cost of the e-reader, users will have to frequently purchase new batteries, or buy more expensive rechargeable batteries; the 4 AA batteries also make the e-reader heavier and make for an awkward backing
  • The ECTACO jetBook Lite 2013 does not have a dedicated content service like Amazon, Sony, or Barnes & Noble
  • It is a very basic design and model; users who want extra bells and whistles or an e-book reader capable of web browsing and accessing Facebook should look elsewhere