Dell Latitude 6430u


The Dell Latitude 6430u is a business ultrabook equipped with Windows 8 that deftly blends performance and style. The Latitude chain is Dell’s business laptop brand, designed and manufactured mainly by Quanta and Compal. Dell is an American multi-national computer technology cooperation that develops, supports, sells and repairs computers and related services and products. The Dell Latitude 6430u is perfect for users who are constantly traveling.

Key Information

While its all-black chassis advocates a strictly business affair, the Dell Latitude 6430u is decorated in a soft-touch paint with a smooth texture that sets the system apart from other business models and makes for a pleasant tactile sensation. The black finish is complemented by a silver-finished magnesium alloy which wraps around the system’s corners, making for an overall elegant look. The Dell Latitude 6430u’s keyboard has a thin profile with a spill-proof design, exemplary key travel, and backlighting. The thin profile of the keyboard offers no noticeable flexing. The trackpad is very smooth and responsive and is complemented by its full support of Windows 8 gesture controls. The port selection is extremely generous for an ultrabook. On the right edge are a USB 3.0 port, a full-sized Ethernet jack, a lock slot, and an SD card slot hidden below the metal strip. On the left edge there is a power jack, a Wi-Fi switch, and a headphone jack. The Dell Latitude 6430u comes with Windows 8, which is significantly upgraded from the previous Windows model. It has terrific load and boot up speed, and has a tiles-based interface which goes intuitively with touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. The search engine is completely restructured. Instead of typing in a search box, users can simply begin typing and a search box will appear from the right to give you the results. The improved Windows 8 interface is a huge feature of the Dell Latitude 6430u. It can be purchased online from Amazon, which is $400 cheaper than the list price. It can be found for even cheaper on eBay, with a manufacturer refurbished ultrabook costing $699.00.

Tech Specs

The Dell Latitude 6430u has an Intel Core i5-3427u processor with 1.8 GHz processor speed. It uses Windows 8 as its operating system. It has 8 GB RAM and weighs 3.91 pounds. The screen size is 14 inches diagonally with widescreen display, and a native resolution of 1366×768. The Graphics Card is Intel HD Graphics 4000. The Dell Latitude 6430u has 128 GB of storage capacity and has an external optical drive. It has the following dimensions: 13.31 inches in width, 9.04 inches in depth, and 0.82 inches in height.


  • Dell Latitude 6430u has an excellent keyboard with backlighting and a spill-proof design; the backlighting allows for work to be completed late at night or on a dimly-lit plane ride, which is perfect for business
  • The battery lasts for several hours and is removable; it also charges very quickly
  • It has a very nice design and sets itself apart from other business systems with an overall elegant look
  • Solid build and very durable, perfect for travelling
  • The new Windows 8 interface is excellent and a significant upgrade from previous versions of Windows


  • It is heavy for an ultrabook, and expensive compared to other business designed laptops
  • Because it is more suited for work and business, games and movies do not play or show as well as they might on other laptops
  • The screen offers mediocre resolution at best
  • Colours will be fine for business users, but users who want graphics are advised to look elsewhere (unless you plan to use an external monitor)
  • Not a touch screen, which makes using Windows 8’s Metro UI more difficult and a bit tedious