BlackBerry z10

BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry z10 is a smartphone created by BlackBerry (previously called RIM). It was available in the United States on March 22, 2013. BlackBerry is a Canadian wireless equipment and telecommunication company, best known for developing the BlackBerry brand of tablets and smartphones. Recently, BlackBerry has fallen under hard times. Their stock has fallen significantly and they have had to lay off thousands of workers. BlackBerry is hoping the release of the BlackBerry z10 will boost the company.

Key Information

The BlackBerry z10 uses the new BlackBerry 10 mobile operation system. The user interface uses multi-touch gestures like all other smartphones. It comes preloaded with many apps and devices, including BBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pictures, YouTube, BlackBerry Maps, Adobe Reader, Weather, BlackBerry World, and BlackBerry Browser. The BlackBerry World is a unique online application distribution, which lets users browse and download games, apps, videos and music. The phone offers mobile hotspot functionality, which supports up to 8 devices. The touchscreen keyboard is another unique feature. It learns the user’s writing style and offers word suggestions to help the user type more accurately and much faster. The z10 also has Voice Control which allows users to use spoken commands to operate the phone. This feature can be used to compose emails, search the phone, send messages, and dictate documents. Another unique feature is the TimeShift for the camera app. This lets users go back in time on certain pictures, similar to video playback. An unlocked BlackBerry z10 can be purchased on Amazon for around $600. AT&T offers the phone for much cheaper at around $200, but requires clients to sign a contract that could limit possible upgrades.

Tech Specs

The BlackBerry z10 has 16 GB of internal storage. It has the following dimensions: 5.12 inches in height, 2.58 inches in width, 0.35 inches in depth, and weights 4.8 ounces. It runs on the 4G LTE network, and has a 4.2 inch touch display. It has 13 days of standby time and up to 10 hours of talk time, and 2GB RAM of memory. Its screen resolution is 1280×668, and it also has 1080p HD video recording capability. The camera is located on the back in the top-left corner. The front also has a camera, which is capable of recording 720p videos.


  • The BlackBerry z10 has a gorgeous 4.2 inch 355ppi display and the phone fits perfectly in your pocket
  • BlackBerry added a heat sensor to their z10 model; this heat sensor enables the keyboard to become more adaptive to the user’s movements and makes the necessary changes
  • Terrific battery life, and it doesn’t drain battery as quickly as the iPhone 5 or Android devices
  • The BlackBerry z10 can be used effectively as both a personal and business phone, and it’s keyboard is ideal for emails
  • Don’t have to leave apps to view email and text messages


  • For people who are new to the BlackBerry model, there is a learning curve, especially for those coming from Windows or iOS; for example, there is no home or back button
  • It does not rival the iPhone 5 or HTC One aesthetically
  • Camera is adequate but it doesn’t come close to matching the other phones in terms of quality
  • Unlike the Android phones or iPhone 5, the BlackBerry z10 is not very customizable
  • The app selection is limited, and despite its efforts, BlackBerry cannot compete with the number of quality apps provided by Google Play and Apple’s App Store
  • Earlier BlackBerry devices cannot be upgraded, so those who wish to use the new software will need to invest in the new hardware